Drink driving continues to cast a reckless spell upon society. Drink driving continues to steer people head on into catastrophe. Intoxicated drivers behind the wheel have been responsible for too many deaths since mankind drank alcohol and drove a vehicle under the influence. Drinking and driving is viewed by the law and society as man slaughter/murder and the physical /psychological penalties drunk drivers face will stay with them for the rest of their lives if they are still alive. This is another reason why alcohol is so dangerous. The haze the mind creates alters brains pathways and dissolves logical reasoning, which puts people in a state of mind where reasoning is left behind. Its estimated that every 45 seconds someone dies from an alcohol related incident due to drunk driving, whether pedestrians, passengers or the driver. In the US. alcohol related deaths are the leading cause of criminal deaths and almost half of road fatalities are due to drunk driving. What’s more concerning is that 33% of drink drivers will re-offend...that’s a real drink driving problem!
‘Alcohol has a tendency to change your well laid out rules
and plans’.. The dumbest thing someone does is trying to save time or money by driving to their drinking destination. If you think you might be at risk of drink driving, even if you have the slightest feeling you could be tempted..don’t drive. Consider catching public transport/ taxi, or organize getting there and back with someone who’s definitely not drinking. If any of those options are unavailable, then don’t go because drink driving is never worth any kind of risk. Luckily, yes luckily thousands of drink drivers get caught over the legal limit every year. Guess what the number one excuse for drink driving is? ‘I thought I was fine to drive’. Our sense of composure and the fear instinct becomes blunted and diminished when intoxicated. Its important to plan responsible drinking before touching a drop of alcohol. Alcohol has a tendency to start changing the rules of well laid out plans. If you ever feel tempted to drink and drive, or know someone who could be at risk, take time to think about the dangerous consequences: What will happen when I get caught after a drink driving accident? How would I, the victims, or those close to me feel if I hurt, or killed someone? How would drink driving affect my relationships, friends, family…work? Is it worth the risk to kill someone and end your own your life in the process? If people cant be honest with themselves about any of the above, then its true what they say....you get what you deserve. Imagine waking up in a jail cell, or a hospital, then to your horror you begin recalling the devastation you’ve been responsible for? When people fail to think ahead and are involved in a drink driving accident, its something that will weigh heavily on their shoulders, minds and the rest of their lives.. Ultra Fast Weight gain from drinking …. Drinking alcohol makes you gain weight fast! In fact a bout of binge drinking comes loaded with more calories than consuming more than four pizzas, 2 milk shakes and 2 burgers! Even 1 beer, or a standard spirit is the equivalent of eating two chocolate bars. With that much energy contained within each drink it would take 20 minutes of cycling at 15kms/hr. to burn off a can of beer! Weight gain from drinking alcohol doesn’t just come from mega calories within the alcohol but also from the high sugar mixers which contain tons of calories which bloats the face and body to unhealthy proportions. Oh, and don’t forget the standard junk food you’re tempted to eat on your way home... Ladies Please!...its not only men that are suffering from self prescribed alcohol abuse. Women are making bigger idiots of themselves too! The female population is also abusing alcohol in growing numbers. Women’s alcohol related crimes and deaths have risen drastically over the last decade, as have alcohol related pregnancies and suicides. Are they doing it to make us feel better about our drinking problems?...Actually they’re probably drinking to forget about mens drinking problems!
‘OK…so why even drink?’ Because its fun and an ancient social appetizer. Almost all adult social occasions include alcohol on the menu (social life is hard for alcoholics). Alcohol relaxes people and helps them interact by lubricating their personalities. Try to not lubricate yourself to the point where it makes you slip and slide over to the other side of the social border! Its going to be a long time before alcohol disappears from liquor shop shelves and is replaced by a much needed healthier, safer mode of entertainment. As history has shown us, its likely that todays drink drivers and the damage they create, plus other alcohol related problems we currently face will be looked back at with disgust by future generations.
ARGHH!!.Not another hangover After you’ve told one of the worlds most common lies, such as ‘I’m never going to drink again’, you’ll probably slip up again. We have a list of ‘hangover helpers’ for you. Remember that nothing whatsoever is more effective than foresight. Read on and we’ll show you some tried and tested remedies to help ease the aftermath from the vile and toxic poisoning you’ve put yourself through after a heavy drinking session. There’s help available for those who need it with helpful and informative websites that addresses alcohol abuse problems before it takes over, or for when its sadly too late...
drink dialing accidents occur frequently weight gain from drinking alcohol
all that energy and no one take it for a walk!....
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