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Hang over Remedies and Hangover cures.. We’ve all heard them, as they’ve been around since we began drinking like packs of desperate animals then searched for ways to escape the pain of an injured animal! The fact is, there isnt, today at least a ‘hang over Cure’ or a magic remedy which regenerates our mental and physical selves back to normal… However, there are ways to prevent hangovers and some tried and tested ways to help combat hangover pain which drains our body and soul after ‘so much fun’ from drinking to excess.. HANGOVER CURES: NOT FOUND IN NEW YORK CITY... So you wake up in a dirty back alley, inside a dumpster, upside down in New York and you’re feeling inside out. You’re also wearing a batman costume, and youre pretty sure you live about 3000 kms away! Is this another 3 day Bender, or a growing suspicion youve got a slight drinking problem? Whatever the reason, it sounds like you could do with help to find a hangover cure asap. and a way back home.. When you suffer from a hang over its because you’ve over saturated your brain and bodily organs with alcohol to the point of damaging them from over-dosing via ingesting too much poison. Theres no quick way of draining toxins within, and the only hang over cure known to man, time after time again is..time! Read on to see how our modern world, which sent men to the moon and back also sends millions of people out of their world day and night! H2o Alcohol dehydrates the brain and body. Simple enough, so drink the fluid back into your system. Water helps flush out alcohol from your body, as it normally remains within for 8 hours, so H20 replaces lost fluids you desperately need back. However try not to overload by drinking too much in one go. The excess weight in your stomach can sometimes make you want to throw it back up in the nearest toilet, or closest floor if you cant make it that far whilst in the throes of a hang over. B Vitamins B Vitamins help your shattered nerves recover after shuddering bolts of embarrassment strike you frequently. Some people swear by the effectiveness of B tablets. If you don’t have Vitamin B at hand try eating foods such as cereal, bread, red meat, egg yolks, green leafy vegetables, legumes, sweet corn, brown rice, berries, or yeast. Surely you’ve got one of those ingredients in your fridge or cupboards amongst the booze.. Vitamin C/Antioxidants Lots of Vitamin C, especially if smoke. Alcohol and cigarettes deplete Vitamin C from your body quicker than youd ever want. Eating fresh fruit and vegetables help bring back much needed vitamin C levels into your system. Foods high in antioxidants will replenish lost nutrients and help to banish free radicals that cause the ‘rusting effect’ within your body. Free radicals are, to put it ‘straight up’, chemicals in your body which make you rust from the inside- out. Bananas are known for diminishing hang over side effects as they contain nutrients like potassium which are lost with your reputation..your wallet and distant memories. If you want effective high quality hangover help Total Balance Men's vitamins from Xtend life contains every vitamin and nutrient that hungover men requires. These supplements, vitamins are quality ‘hangover helpers’ and very good supplements. Isotonic drinks... Sports/ isotonic drinks replenish your system by quickly replacing fluid and lost minerals expelled when you’re dehydrated after a drinking session. Many new isotonic drinks also come with built- in vitamins. Avoid drinks that contain large quantities of sugar (always read the label) or caffeine because this has adverse effects on a hang over and will make you even more jittery... Aspirins/anti-inflammatories... Heavy drinking creates the feeling of crowds as the noisy New York City streets and highways. Road rage collisions happening in all areas of your brain, you’ll need something to help de-congest the rush hour traffic. Aspirins and anti- inflammatory pain properties help alleviate the rush, however be careful not to over do it as they can irritate an already furious stomach and your tired and over worked kidneys and liver. Caffeine.. drinks which contains caffeine will only dehydrate you further. Caffeine is a diuretic, which makes you expel much needed fluids from your dehydrated body. Products loaded with caffeine such as energy drinks, or flavoured coffee drinks will temporarily work but make you feel worse in the long run. Caffeine is a stimulant and has a tendency to make you feel more on edge as you start remembering the things you tried to blank out.. Fatty foods...Although tempting, try to resist foods high in fat. These only prolong feelings of ill health and lethargy you experience. Many ‘Hangover sufferers’ often eat fatty foods after drinking, rather than before. Remember to not drink on an empty stomach, otherwise the hang over will take a bite out of you tomorrow.... Just one more drink!.... Even though you might want to feel the ‘buzz’ you felt drinking last night, the ‘fun effects’ are only temporary and diluted if you try to top up. This makes it longer to recover and ever more painful. If you must drink again, its best to wait until you’ve recovered for a minimum of 10 hours. This gives your body a fighting chance to survive another bout of poisoning. Help,before…or after The misery of alcohol abuse creates incalculable problems and goes way beyond hang over cures. One thing is for certain…whatever the reason someone becomes inflicted with this deadly disease, they’re at a high risk of early death through disease, violence, or suicide, and will also ruin the lives of those closest to them. If you think you’re experiencing a drinking problem or know someone who may be suffering from alcohol related problems, there’s help available. Click the help button to see helpful resources. Read more on dangerous binge drinking, and pass it on to someone who may be experiencing problems. The truth is…once someone becomes an alcoholic, they’re forever addicted whenever they come into contact with it. Sadly that’s when drinking just isn’t any more fun..
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