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  If you don’t drink responsibly, then clearly drinking alcohol to excess will inevitably lead you, or him, or her to problems in the short, or long term. But how does alcohol effect us physically and psychologically and whats the real damage that alcohol abuse can have on a human being...or any other animal for that case!
Alcohol abuse shrinks   da brain!                                  Dehydration one of the reasons why drinking makes you feel those awful ill effects that come with the aftermath of abusing alcohol. As boring as it is…tryyy to hydrate yourself by drinking something other than alcohol between drinks. This will ease the morning after pain when all you want to do is curl up in bed all day! Its hard to remember hydrating yourself whilst drinking because you’re unlikely to feel thirsty..till the following day.  If you don’t keep hydrated your body not only loses water and but out go valuable salts, potassium, calcium, magnesium, which upsets brain signals and disturbs your ability to think clearly. Without adequate amounts of h2o flowing through the brain, it will struggle to function efficiently and will be prone to make you behave erratically… especially after binge drinking. Alcohol not only depletes your body of vitamins but also takes away your senses..and maybe your reputation.
Decrease the strength of your drinks.. dont turn yourself
into a pumpkin before the strike of midnight! Switch to drinks with a lower alcohol content. If you have any sense of discipline left in you as you drink, scale down the strength of your drinks. If you’re single you’ll end up with a low strength drink in one hand and a girl who appreciates someone with some kind of morals on the other..
     Spirits of the Night..                                                             If you don’t want to feel pain and the misery from the night before..switch to half measures of spirits or liqueurs as the night wears on. Drink spirits slowly. The high alcohol content and easy to drink glass in your hand is a fast way to a drinking problem. Spirits or liqueurs with sweet mixes contain sugar, chemicals, colourings and flavourings which gives you headaches and lethargy. Your body will desperately try to excrete the poison you’ve forced into your system during another un-memorable evening. Be creative…drink responsibly, rather than become a bumbling idiot!
Set yourself an Entertainment   
budget before you leave home...    Ever wake up with an empty mind, body or soul? and empty wallets and pockets? The financially crippling effects from spending too much on booze is familiar when you spend more than you should without thinking... Responsible drinking includes thinking forward and making a financial commitment, then sticking to an ‘entertainment budget’. Being broke by spending too much on alcohol is a sign of a drinking problem. If you want to enjoy a night out on a budget, but may be tempted by the voices calling from the bank machines on the streets or the bars, plan ahead! If you blow your dough on booze and cant get home, then the zig zag walk home will be a  reminder as to why you need to stick to your entertainment budget!
  ‘But I feel so good...I want to run naked  
down the streets!                                                    One of the things that makes alcohol not so fun and oh so dangerous is the intoxicating feeling which urges people to turn into pumpkins before the strike of midnight! The high glucose in alcohol and the chemical imbalance it creates in the brain can make mankind feel as though they have boundless energy and unlimited inhibition..for a short while! Its that dangerous false sense of security which takes the once happy drinker and make him run down a hazy road into the danger zone …and down the streets naked!
Effects of alcohol vary from fun, to serious drinking problems Responsible drinking to lessen effects of drinking alcohol
gallons of H2O should help.....
Effects of drinking alcohol have created a serious drinking problem worldwide. Responsible drinking minimizes painful or deadly effects of alcohol. Mens Products if his kids could see him now..
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