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If you don’t figure a way to drink responsibly, alcohol will have a good chance of leading you towards small, and long term problems. Mankind has always pondered; ’ why does it feel so good feel consumed.. when consuming alcohol. Here are some its effects on our bodies, minds and souls.. Alcohol shrinks the brain…. Now this is probably a hard one for those who like to party hard every now and then, but as boring as it sounds; its vital to hydrate between drinks. This helps to ease the morning after pain when all you want to do is curl up and stay in bed all day! This, is hard to remember whilst on the booze as you’re unlikely to feel thirsty till the following day.. If you don’t stay hydrated, your body loses vital fluids and also valuable salts, potassium, calcium and magnesium, which upsets brain signals and disturbs the ability to think clearly. Without adequate amounts of h2o, the brain struggles to function efficiently and this creates erratic behavior, especially when binge drinking. Alcohol not only depletes the body of vitamins but also takes away our natural sense of humanity, which often ruins reputations and more.. Spirits in the Night.. If you dont want to feel that pain and misery the next day, drink spirits slowly. The high alcohol content is a fast way to a drinking problem. Spirits or liqueurs with sweet mixes contain sugar, chemicals, colourings and many artificial flavours which give you the headache and lethargy. Your body will will struggle to excrete the poison you’ve forced into your system after another un-memorable evening. Set yourself an Entertainment budget before you leave home... Ever wake up with an empty mind, body, soul, pockets and wallet? The financially crippling effects from spending too much on booze is a common by-product. Sticking to an entertainment budget is a good idea and better than being broke from pissing it up the wall! If you want to enjoy a night out, its important to plan ahead!…if you blow your dough on booze and cant afford to get a taxi home, then the zig zag walk to home, or jail time may be a reminder why you need to stick to an entertainment budget! ‘But sometimes I feel so good...I want to run.. naked down the streets!’’ One of the things that makes alcohol dangerous is that intoxicating feeling which can sometimes turn you into a pumpkin before the strike of midnight! The high glucose in alcohol and the chemical imbalance it creates can make a man feel as though hes got boundless energy and unlimited inhibition. Its the dangerous false sense of security which puts us at risk and can send us down a foggy road towards the danger zone.
Responsible drinking to lessen effects of drinking alcohol
gallons of H2O should help.....
Effects of drinking alcohol have created a serious drinking problem worldwide. Responsible drinking minimizes painful or deadly effects of alcohol. Mens Products
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