Sun protection products have helpled save countless lives from skin cancer by protecting our skin from deadly Ultra violet rays that create unrepairable damage on a cellular level. Investing in quality Sun protection products, or getting a spray tan is much safer than ‘raw’ sun baking. There are also products and unsafe practices which claim to give you that ‘bronzed look’ which can be devastating to your looks and health. Read on as we explain the safe and unsafe ways of achieving that glowing bronzed look all year round. Solariums…Modern time capsules.... Statistics have revealed that a majority of the public still believe solariums are safe. Little do they know... The world health organisation recently released figures indicating just how dangerous solariums are and how they are just as deadly to health as smoking cigarettes. Solariums increase the chance of skin cancer by 75% and put you at risk of forming cataracts and diminishing your immune system. Whatever you do, stay clear from solariums. Solariums are like time capsules....when you step into one, it will zap you to looking older within a short burst of time. They can also end your life faster. Thousands of skin cancer cases from uva and uvb rays emitted via solariums have been responsible for skin cancer deaths since their invention back in 1979. Some countries are trying, other have been successful, to get solariums banned from public use in a bid to save their citizens skin and lives. Don’t take those Pills my Sun.... There are certain ‘tanning pills’ available that contain Canthaxin and other dangerous chemicals which supposedly give you a fake tan after ingesting tablets. These tanning pills are now banned commercially in the US. and several other countries by the FDA (food and drug administration) as they’ve been known to cause liver damage and other health related problems. Canthaxanthin and the carotenoid chemicals are ingredients that have been linked with hepatitis and hives, plus giving users peculiar and abnormal reactions. One of the side effects from taking these tanning pills give the skin an itchy red and bloated look. PROTECT YOUR LARGEST AND BEST LOOKING ASSET.... Its imperative to invest in good quality sun protection products if you want to keep your skin safe from premature ageing and skin cancer. The higher the sun protection factor (SPF) the safer your skin and good looks will remain alive. One of the sun protection products we’ve tested is SkinCeuticals advanced UV defense which is a sun protection product and an essential weapon for protecting your skins health. Long gone are the days you needed to wear thick white zinc to protect yourself from the suns rays. Most of todays protectors are light; non greasy, easily absorbed and easy to apply. The good news is that most modern moisturisers also have ‘built in’ Sun protection. If you want to try a tinted moisturiser with sun protection, then more highly rated products can be found on our Sun products page Not only are these products great for protecting you against the Suns uva damage, they also help get your skin back in shape. Check out Sun Products page for more quality Sun protection products. So, how do we get that sun kissed look without solariums; tanning pills, beaches, parks.....or putting our heads in an oven?’ For the face: We’ve tried and tested Sun Laboratories Strictly Faces which is a great tanning lotion and works effectively to give a golden glow as if you’ve just stepped off the beach. This tanning lotion contains DHA, a safe chemical that gradually gives you a healthy natural tan with a couple of applications without streaks and saves you from damaging your skin and health. For the body: Skin Care RX has a great range of Bronzers for the body These lotions take care of bronzing your face and body. The more you apply, the darker your tan will become due to the DHA, just dont forget to wash your hands after every application when using tanning lotions. More people are turning away from dangerous solariums or Sun bathing as we are becoming more aware of the dangers of skin cancer from Sun damage. Spray tans have been around for a while and are guaranted to save you watching your skin erode over a short time. Spray tans dont damage skin and make you look bronzed immediately! Re application is only required once a fortnight, depending on how bronzed you want to keep looking. Getting a spray tan is a fun process which takes only minutes. There are tanning booths, or hand-held machines available in salons. You’ll step out of a spray booth looking as sun kissed as you choose. If you want to try out a safe spray tan at home, then try Fake Bake instant self tanning spray. Along with vitamins and antioxidants, this is another quality product that wont let you down and is easy to apply. A Safer Spray of Sunshine.... Keep enjoying glorious sunshine but become aware of the invisible dangers from the suns uva, uvb rays which can lead towards skin cancer from sun damage. Even on days that aren’t sunny, its still important to protect yourself. Invest in good quality sun protection products, stay away from dangerous solariums and tanning pills and you’ll be doing your skin, your looks and your health a huge favour.
dangerous solariums linked to skin cancer from uva, uvb damage
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