Mens fashion and grooming styles have radically evolved, and devolved throughout history. Before the ‘Metro Man’ came on the scene we managed to make some good fashion and grooming choices. Its been a journey with some mind boggling fashion styles peppered throughout... In the 1920s’ ,throughout the ‘roaring 20s’, the world witnessed mans elegance. However later in the century we began experiencing some not so elegant fashion and grooming styles like the 70s and 80’s. Which way is mens fashion heading towards over the next few decades and beyond?.. Looking back over the historic pages of mens fashion and grooming, its fascinating to discover that throughout the 16th century Renaissance periodb appearing like a Noble man or Royalty was ‘envogue’ at the time. Fashion and grooming included wearing make up; stockings, large headpieces, pointy beards and mountains of ornate garments. Those old classical paintings you see on museum walls make modern Man pale into insignificance. What’s also fascinating about these dark ages is that women were burnt alive for owning cats, or accused of being witches for ridiculous reasons. These were the times most of the world believed that the world was a big square box, but men looking that extravagant in public were treated normally, or superior to fellow man. Mens fashion and grooming styles continued to evolve and devolve with all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes throughout the next couple of centuries. Of course, if you were poor back in the day, you were given the choice of wearing rags…or no rags at all. Variety certainly wasn’t the spice of life back then. Though we havent managed to overshadow the mind boggling 16th century fashion, we have managed to create some fine moments of elegance. Prosperous times, such as the Jazz age when cinematography brought fashion to the masses, started to steer men towards good fashion style. Men with the means wore stylish clothing and groomed themselves more than mankind over the previous couple of hundred years. This was a time when Hollywood movies and movie stars were emerging. The times were prosperous and it showed in the way we groomed ourselves. Things seemed as though they were on the up, but then the bubble burst as the financial crash of the 30s’ crippled us. This financial catastrophe brought about terrible poverty to millions of people all over the world and once again we were reduced to wearing rags....great! Does that mean we could end up wearing rags again in the next economic disaster?….not just when we’re home like bums, or after we’re married?’ Mankind lived, and luckily survived through loud and laughable moments of fashion over the last 40 years, as the over sweetened styles of the 1970s and 1980s. People who surrendered to that fashion usually deny they ever followed the style of then and scoff it away as if they weren’t around then. The 70s and 80s were famous for brazen colours and its miles of wasted material awash on every high street. Mankind went off experimenting with something, or someone during those memorable years. Thankfully weve climbed back and made it back to a sobering scene. SO WHERE IS THE FUTURE AT?.. What does the future hold in store for mens fashion and grooming habits? How will we aesthetically evolve within the next 20 years and beyond? Will we end looking like actors from 1960s’ B- grade Science fiction TV shows, wearing stockings with underpants over them?...will we wear1960s’ haircuts? The way mens fashion and grooming habits have changed, danced and sometimes ‘spewed’ over the centuries, its hard to predict which way fashion styles will lead us to. More than likely we’ll take favourite fashion moments from history and implement new styles, technology and original ideas. Only time will tell which way mens fashion will turn out. Though judging by history im sure we’ve still got some exciting, and repulsive fashionable trends ready to walk round the corner of a high street near you! SPACE AGE MATERIALS New materials being developed don’t allow bacteria grow on its surface. This means clothes wont give off bad odours which means you won’t have to wash clothes as often, which will make people lazier. Research into new materials and clothing named ‘J Ware’ is being developed at the University of Tokyo. These new materials show potential as have been designed to kill bacteria, absorb water, insulate the body and dry quickly. A Japanese astronaut has even tested the material in his ‘space age underwear’ and brought back down good results. His underwear is also flame resistant and anti -static. This and other technological breakthroughs in the clothing industry will eventually make clothing odour free, un-stainable and iron free. Perfect for the busy modern man…..or the lazy bum!..
Mens fashion styles changed with our grooming habits......thank god! metro man not yet arrived metrosexual made a recovery from the gutter Clothes on lay by ...NOT SO Stylish!! Yes.. he was indeed a frightfully  happy man… It wasn’t your fault... Skin Care Mens Products
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