BEWARE THE CREDIT CARD RAT TRAP Credit Consumer Cannibalism in the 21st.Century.    Credit card companies and greedy banks have been fooling unsuspecting customers into a false sense of security by offering temporary answers which then abruptly turn into financial nightmares. We give advice and ways to avoid becoming trapped in the Murky waters of debt, plus how to get back to shore if you’re already stuck... Credit card problems Dangerous binge drinking BINGE DRINKING.. Where does the Mind go??                Alcohol has been around since mankind started making a bigger fool of himself.  New research on dangerous binge drinking habits are giving us early warning signs of dire things to come as masses of males binge drink more than ever.  Find out what really happens inside your brain and body when you’re subjected to bouts of heavy, dangerous drinking... Mens Care Mens Lifestyle SUN DAMAGE DANGERS How Uva. ruins your  Looks and Health.. fast.  Blissful sunshine...what’s the harm? We  look beneath our skin and examine the danger of skin cancer via sun damage, solariums and unsafe methods of tanning.  There are safer options available which give us a healthy natural glow all year round without ruining our skin, good looks and most importantly, our health.
    Mans’ Desperate search for Anti-Ageing     Mans burning desire to live longer. Our battle against over consumption and the ageing process is on! Mankind desperately keeps searching for ways to remain youthful for as long as he possibly can. We examine the anti-ageing industry that generates over $50 billion per year and explore the latest mens anti-ageing treatments now available. New exciting technological and Biological advances in anti-ageing are helping us stay younger...for longer...
Metro Man Ahead of  Time...         Metro or not, you cant ignore some of the positive lifestyle improvements and a growing number of Mens grooming products which keep emerging offering hope and help to look and feel better. We take an interesting, amusing journey into the metro lifestyle and mans grooming history with some surprisingly underestimated benefits, and we learn some positive insight along the way....
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 Dating Again...Back into the Dating Game      Man Seeking Love...again. Not many things knock a man down as hard as a failed relationship. However its time we learned this isn’t always a failure, rather a stepping stone onto the next loving chapter of our lives. We tell you how to get your ‘heart on’ again and feel the love that’s waiting for you. Internet dating sites explained and old seedy myths dispelled...There’s love out there and its ready to be taken.... today!
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Mens Skin Care/Grooming  constantly evolving...  Mens best skin care products; cosmetics and grooming engineered for Modern Man. Investing in your appearance has never seemed so important, nor been so easy. Check out the best mens grooming and cosmetic products that can help us look and feel great today and tomorrow...
Research has proven that a Metro Lifestyle improves mens lifestyles, attracts better partners and promotes feelings of inner power. Mankind continues evolving and we are heading towards a brighter future.  Self maintenance and positive thinking; these things make us rich from the inside-out...after all...Man must keep Evolving..... Metro sexual lifestyle Mans lifestyle website
The ultimate mans guide on lifestyle topics created for men of all ages, attitudes and personalities in our fast paced, and at times ‘toxic world’.     Mens Grooming; binge drinking dangers, online dating, latest mens anti- ageing products and positive lifestyle improvements are right here at your fingertips. We find the answers you seek and tell them in a ‘how it really is’ way.  Mens Care Mens Lifestyle explores new trends and steers you towards a positive way to improve your every day life...
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Motivation,the hardest Part of the journey.. Getting your ‘motivation on’  is the hardest part of the journey for most people. We offer advice on how to start off in the right frame of mind  and keep an attitude that will persevere.  You can achieve results with the right internal motivational dialogue. Whether you’re looking for some stepping stones towards a better future or not, motivation starts in your head, then works its way down your body. .Sky is the limit!...
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